WA Hersteldienste

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WA Hersteldienste is a family business that has been going strong since 1997. The company first started with Lappies Labuschagne and has been moved down to his son, Riaan Labuschagne. The aim of our company is to make a difference in the lives of many people. As a family business we believe is the best service at all times.

We specializes in the cleaning, fixing and testing of any and all boreholes in and around South Africa. We are a versatile company and we don't just focus on boreholes, we also construct sink dams and do linings for all existing dams. We also erect, and sell any windmills that are needed by you. We don't just end at that we also do all types of irrigation and lay outs for irrigation for any types of homes or farms. 

We strive to give the best service we possible can to make our clients happy. We believe in doing something the right way the first time but we also have errors but we won't deny our mistakes therefore we will come back as quick as the errors are found and fix them to the satisfaction of our clients.

We can also take you on a journey inside a borehole by using specialized infrared cameras to show you how your borehole looks before work starts and how it'll look after we've gotten down and dirty fixing it.

We work hard to give our clients utmost satisfaction. We pride ourselves in our work and we strive to put smiles on the faces of our clients.

We don't just do work on farms or outside of cities or towns... Where there is a borehole or windmill to be fixed no challenge is to great for us to take on.

Contact us:
Email: [email protected]
Office: 064 512 2615
Maureen Labuschagne: 072 954 4876
Riaan Labuschagne: 082 535 0197

  • Fixing of windmill
    Fixing of windmill
  • Testing of existing borehole
    Testing of existing borehole
  • Irrigation system
    Irrigation system
  • Building of a sink dam
    Building of a sink dam
  • Dam lining in progress
    Dam lining in progress
  • Completed dam lining
    Completed dam lining
  • Inside a borehole using an infrared camera
    Inside a borehole using an infrared camera
Fixing of windmill
Fixing of windmill

Drilling, cleaning and testing of boreholes.
We also have dams, liners, pumps and solar items
All services is guaranteed and we offer services nationwide.
Lots of references available.

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